Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Vermont, we don't care how old your car donation is!

Once upon a time Good News Garage accepted only young and sprightly cars, but today our charitable organization will take nearly anything with wheels. The unfortunate thing about the hyper-successful campaign to inform the public that we only took cars from the current decade, was that it's no longer true. The truth is that there are so many odd and wonderful donatible objects with wheels, that we would love to have!

Do you have an airplane taking up valuable real-estate where you would rather have an in ground pool? Or do you have a riding lawn mower drives slower than the grass grows? Or maybe the only water your boat has seen lately is from this summer's rain storms.

So, like one of the staff members said today, please get that old jingle out of your head, and donate all your wheel powered possessions (no matter which President was in office when it was manufactured) to a very worthy cause. When we say boats, I am especially reaching out to those Cape Cod residents who are now able to donate to our organization for the first time! Look out for our new radio spot in your area, and if we're lucky, we'll soon have our new jingle stuck in your head.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good News Garage on Fox 25 News TOMORROW

Good News Garage-LSS, Inc. will be featured on the 10:00 pm broadcast of Fox 25 News-Boston tomorrow night, August 26, 2008. The segment highlights the story of two single mothers from Lowell, Massachusetts who met through work. The women talk candidly about the challenges of raising children alone and trying to work without reliable transportation. Both women eventually received donated vehicles (a van and an suv) from Good News Garage and their lives were changed. Fox 25 News also visited the Good News Garage New Hampshire offices and interviewed Trudy Sutherland, who donated TWO program cars in one year and our acting Executive Director, David Rembis. Fox 25 concluded their filming by visitng a local Manchester garage and interviewed the owner who has supported Good News Garage NH for over 5 years. Good News Garage is proud of this recognition and we hope this publicity will increase car, van and truck donations allowing us to help additional needy New England families.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good News Garage Article in the Union Leader

If you are a Union Leader reader, check out the "Wheels" section of tomorrow's paper (August 22nd) which is featuring a story on Good News Garage. The article which was written by staff reporter, Bob Charest, highlights the many benefits of donating vehicles to Good News Garage. A former Good News Garage client, Amy, also shares her personal story and talks about how challenging it is to live, work and raise a family in New Hampshire without reliable transportation.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good News Garage opens search for new CEO

Good News Garage is searching for a new CEO. I beleive this person can be based out of Vermont.

Job Description:

Essential responsibilities include: providing leadership to the management team, hiring, supervising, disciplining and setting performance goals, developing new markets and sources of cars, negotiating with state and local government agencies, developing new funding sources, developing relationships with other low-income car ownership (LICO) programs to gain national exposure, share "best practices," advocate public policies in the interests of GNG and our clients and increase public knowledge about the industry. Serves as a primary face and representative of GNG in public relations to national organizations and foundations.

Additional Qualifications:

MBA or MPA or related preferred, plus 7-10 years of management experience in human service or related field with significant experience in sales or marketing, public relations, vehicle operations or governmental and grant issues. Extensive travel throughout New England required

Salary range: $80,000 - $100,000

How to Apply:

Send resume and salary requirements to

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

United Way's RSVP Volunteers

Pictured here is Nancy, Peg and Kathy

Nancy Reynolds from RSVP and Kathy Mackin from the United Way Volunteer Center stopped in for a tour and visit with long-time RSVP volunteer, Peg Batchelder.

I have worked closely with Nancy for about three years. Honestly you could not find a greater partner when you are in need of volunteers here in Burlington. This was the first time meeting Kathy. She seems great too. Here is the email she sent me after her visit.

"Hi Carmen, Visiting Good News Garage was a terrific experience! To see one of our RSVP volunteer making such a difference was great too! Thank you to Good News Garage for supporting the RSVP program of the United Way of Chittenden County Volunteer Center."

The United Way's RSVP program has personalized placement service for people 55 and over who wish to volunteer and make an impact on in their community. Good News Garage has four other RSVP volunteers: Bill Kelly, John Simson, Donna and Bruce Cunningham They all have help raise awareness around the need for donated cars in rural Vermont.

If you would like to volunteer and are over 55 visit their website. Click on Volunteer Now and then Click on Volunteer Opportunities Adults 55 and over.

Carmen George

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good News Garage Executive Director on New Hampshire Today show

Tune in Wednesday, August 6th to the "New Hampshire Today" show on WTPL 107.7 fm from 3:00 - 5:00 pm to hear the Good News Garage interim Executive Director, David Rembis, on the air with Jack Heath. David will be sharing his thoughts on Good News Garage and our mission to help needy New England families through our car donation program. David will also be discussing Lutheran Social Services of New England.

Fox 25 News Boston Filming Story on Good News Garage MA

Last week, Sarah, Senior Special Projects Producer from Fox 25 News Boston, called to say they were hoping to produce a story on Good News Garage Massachusetts! Tomorrow morning, I will be heading to Lowell, MA where I will be meeting Sarah, her cameraman and two Good News Garage clients who each received a donated vehicle from Good News Garage! These women who are both mothers, co-workers and friends have shared a lot together including carpooling back and forth to work and day care. Good News Garage is grateful to Fox 25 News Boston for recognizing the work that we do accepting, repairing and awarding donated vehicles to needy New England families. No date has been set for airing the Good News Garage story, but stay-tuned...more details will follow!