Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good News Garage Featured in the Union Leader

If you read the New Hampshire Union Leader newspaper, then it would have been hard for you to miss yesterday's feature story on Good News Garage. Jim Fennell, UL reporter, did a wonderful job of telling the story of Benjamin Orton, age 6, who has severe microcephaly. Good News Garage receives several donated "unique" vehicles every year and we work very hard to place these cars, vans and trucks in deserving homes. And of course, all vehicles donated to Good News Garage undergo our 72 point checklist to ensure that we only award reliable, quality vehicles. If you did not see yesterday's story, it is available on-line at:

You may also want to check out the "comments" section as well from the Union Leader web site. The story has received a wonderful response from the community.

As I write this blog, it is December 31st - the last day of 2008. Reading the story of Ben Orton and knowing that cars donated to Good News Garage have helped thousands of needy New England families warms my heart on this cold, snowy New Hampshire day. I wish you peace and a wonderful 2009 and I thank you for your support.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Car Donation Day is December 30th!

Bridgette Graham Marketing Volunteer for Good News Garage Vermont

Do you ever have trouble fitting in errands around your work schedule? I certainly do, which is why it is so great that Good News Garage Vermont is making a special effort to facilitate donations with longer business hours. This special donation event is intended to make bringing in your vehicle as convenient as possible. We will be ready on December 30th, from 8 am to 7 pm with experienced volunteers on hand, to receive your valid title and vehicle. Keep an eye out for our fancy donation signs with bright yellow notification of this unique drop-off opportunity.

Good News Garage staff normally work diligently from 8-5, but so do many of our donors. So, instead of rushing to get here before closing with your donated vehicle, on December 30, 2008 we invite you to take your time. Just bring your valid title and car any time between 8am and 7pm, and enjoy the convenience of our special extended hours drop-off event. Whether your car arrives at 8 am or 7 pm you are still eligible for the same tax deduction benefit that always comes with helping our worthy organization.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good News Garage New Hampshire Welcomes New Board Members

I would like to personally welcome two NH leaders to the Good News Garage Board of Directors.

Ann Rice, New Hampshire's Assistant Attorney General, brings a wealth of legal and non-profit skills to the Good News Garage board. Having worked as a prosecutor for 18 years and also as a vocational counselor for adults with intellectual disabilities, Ann is passionate about helping the disadvantaged population. Ann has also served as the past president of Dress for Success NH and her husband, Chip Rice, is an active member of the Good News Garage NH Program Committe.

Trudy Sutherland, Account Executive and Special Project Coordinator for the New Hampshire Business Review, brings exceptional skills and passion to the Good News Garage board. With experience in marketing, special events, public speaking and public relations, Trudy is committed to using her professional talents to help others. Trudy has also donated TWO cars to Good News Garage New Hampshire and is an active member of the New Hampshire Good News Garage Program Committee.

Welcome ladies! Good News Garage is honored to have you in the Good News Garage "driver's seat"!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Families in need of a good car

We are receiving calls from people who have full-time jobs whose vehicles have died and they are having a tough time finding funds to purchase a reliable vehicle. We don't have many vehicles available and are always looking for more that we can repair and offer at an affordable rate.

If you know someone who has a good used car, truck or van to donate, give them our toll-free number 1-877-448-3288

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mayor Bob Kiss Donated his truck!

Burlington Mayor, Bob Kiss, donated his much loved truck to Good News Garage - LSS on Friday. Pictured here with his wife, Jacqueline Magoros, removing the plates. He did replace the bumper so he could keep his collect of bumper stickers. Good News Garage is located in Burlington and is one of the first car charities of its kind in the United States.

Donate a Car to Good News Garage NH & Help a Needy NH Neighbor

When you donate a car to Good News Garage NH/MA, Good News Garage VT or Good News Garage CT, you are giving a gift that keeps on giving. The mission of Good News Garage is to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options for people in need. Since 1996, Good News Garage has awarded over 3,500 donated vehicles to needy, New England families changing lives.

According to a data brief prepared by the NH Women's Policy Institute in April 2008 entitled, Transportation as a barrier to economic independence: Can she make it without a car? states, "90% of New Hampshire's workers commute to work in a private car; less than 1% use public transportation...with limited bus service and difficulties coordinating child car drop-off and pick-up times, the challenge of finding a job and getting to work without a car can be insurmountable." Good News Garage is working to change this reality one person and one car at a time!
All cars donated to Good News Garage qualify for a tax deduction and cars that are awarded to clients qualify for a deduction equal to Fair Market Value of the donated car.
When you donate a car to Good News Garage New Hampshire, you are:
* helping to provide transportation to a local, needy family which enables the client to take advantage of employment opportunities and care for their children (according to a study completed in 2006: 49% of Good News Garage clients reported being off public assitance within a year of receiving their donated car and 48% of the clients furthered their education after receiving their Good News Garage donated car).
* benefitting from a tax deduction
* helping the economy since Good News Garage NH partners with local garages creating employment opportunities in New Hampshire
As I write this today, it is two days before Thanskgiving and I have driven in the pouring rain to the grocery store, to the doctor for my son's annual check-up and to my Good News Garage NH office and I must confess that I have been annoyed by the wet conditions. But, I must also reflect on how impossible these tasks would have been for me today if I did not own a vehicle to accomplish these simple, every day tasks. Before I came to work for Good News Garage New Hampshire, I donated my van to the organization and I hope if you are able that you will do the same or tell someone else about Good News Garage and how our donated cars, vans and trucks help local, New England families.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful and safe Thanskgiving holiday. And please remember:
Good News Garage: Donate a car...Change a life!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

State Representative Kesha Ram visited Good News Garage today

Kesha Ram stopped by to learn more about our car donation program. Here she is with two of our mechanics, Rick Berg and Derek Joyce.

Good News Garage presents to Keene Lions Club

Last week I was honored to attend and present information on Good News Garage NH to the Keene, NH Lions Club. After being treated to a delicious lunch, I was able to discuss the Good News Garage New Hampshire vehicle donation program and how Good News Garage uses donated cars to help needy New England families.

As the Marketing and Development Manager for Good News Garage New Hampshire and Massachusetts, I am always excited about sharing information about Good News Garage and our "Wheels to Work" mission. If you are a member of a local civic organization, social club or professional society, and are looking for a speaker, I would love to attend a meeting. Feel free to call or e-mail Susan Swain at 603-669-6937 or Good News Garage - Donate a Car...Change a Life!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Manchester Community Resource Center assists Good News Garage

Good News Garage NH would like to thank The Manchester Community Resource Center (MCRC), a nonprofit agency located at 177 Lake Avenue in downtown Manchester, for their support and hard work. The participants of the MCRC's Job Readiness Program produced approximately 750 kid treat packs and 500 candy bags this summer to be distributed at the Good News Garage booth during community events and fairs.

A typical participant in the MCRC job program is a new US resident with little to no work experience in this country. For most, English is a second language and the Job Readiness Program is designed to help these individuals overcome cultural barriers and become work ready. To create the Good News Garage kid packs and candy bags, the MCRC participants were set up in an assembly line situation. They "clocked in" and divided up responsibilitites which included labeling, filling bags, ribbon tying and quality control. Good News Garage is extremely thankful for their help and the support of the MCRC.

Good News Garage NH, a program of Lutheran Social Services, is interested in pursuing partnerships with other NH organizations and agencies. For more information on partnerhips or volunteer opportunities, contact Susan Swain, Good News Garage NH Marketing and Development Manager, at or 603-669-6937.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Community Support In Vermont

Good News Garage volunteer, Bridgette Graham, and I just returned from a trip to Southern Vermont. We stopped in to Hemmings Motor News in Bennington, to see how the MGB is coming along. We are planning to sell the refurbished car in a drawing starting next month. Craig Fitzgerald, the Hemmings editor, who is restoring the car, gave us a wonderful tour of the Hemming's collection of vintage vehicles. If you are ever in Bennington stop by Hemmings to see the collection. They will close it in the winter, so go soon.

Our next stop was Mount Snow Resort in West Dover, Vermont. Tony Resinski invited Good News Garage to come and set up an information booth at their employee orientation day. We were very impressed with the hospitality shown us. Mount Snow Resort is a beautful ski and board spot. The employee at the event were friendly. Many stopped by and asked good questions about our car donation program and about the tax deduction.

Tomorrow I will be attending the United Way's volunteer management class. I am always looking for ways to best support, encourage and acknowledge the incredible people who work with us.

Last week six IBM employees volunteered at Good News Garage as part of the United Ways' Day of Caring. We submitted a request for help in repairing the rail. It was chipping and looking very shabby. We want our entrance to be bright and welcoming. Now, thanks to the IBM volunteers, a nice coat of new paint, it looks welcoming and cheery!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Your car makes a huge difference

I love working at Good News Garage. I can see the impact on people's lives because of the cars we provide them.

I sit down with recipients every once and a while and chat with them to find out more about the people we are helping. There are a couple women that stand out.

One mom told me she had a terrible car accident where she broke her ankles and totaled her car. She was in the hospital for three months and had eight surgeries. While she was in the hospital she found out she was pregnant but because of the surgeries her baby was dead. She had a daughter already. Her boyfriend couldn't handle the situation and bailed. Her mother took care of her daughter but in another state so she couldn't see her child while she was in the hospital.

The day she could be release from the hospital, she didn't have anyone to pick her up, which is a requirement of the hospital. She lied and told the nurse her ride was there. She walked to the bus stop, using crutches. Fortunately the driver saw she was in rough shape so he drove her to her front door.

She was in the state's Reach Up program. They told her, like they tell all people who want a car from Good News Garage, that she had to be working or in job training 20 hours a week. This women wanted a car so bad she took her child to daycare on the bus then on crutches walked 10 blocks to work at a non-profit. She did it in all kinds of weather. She received a car from us then found a better paying job. She told me it really has changed her life. She was clearly very grateful.

She is such a bright warm down-to-earth person. I wonder how many people see her everyday and don't know the intense hardship she has been through. I wish the donor of her car knew how much of a difference they made.

Donate a car. Change a life. Receive a tax deduction.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good News Garage Vermont takes ANY donated vehicle

If you haven't heard Good News Garage Vermont's new car donation policy is that we take ANY donated car, truck, van, boat, mini-van... any where in Vermont. Good News Garage tows for FREE. If you want to drop your car off, you can either bring it to our Burlington office at 331 North Winooski or on Wednesday to Bruno's Truck Repair on Randbury Road in Rutland.

It's easy, just call Good News Garage, toll-free, 1-877-448-3288 or donate your car online right now! All donations are tax deductible. Good News Garage is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good News Garage Volunteers Truly are the Greatest!

Good News Garage volunteers never cease to amaze me. Their generosity and giving spirit is so very inspiring. GNG-CT hosted 15 volunteers as part of the 2008 Day of Caring. What a great group of volunteers! In one day they managed to create - not one - but two quilts that will travel to various community and church events as a marketing and public relations tool. The quilts have photos and quotes from clients and as more cars are provided to clients, the squares will continue to be signed. The quilts are beautiful!

As if the quilts were not enough, this motivated group tackled a third project. The volunteers managed to create a 3 minute video that I must say is quite impressive! The video was part of a video challenge issued by United Way to capture the events of Day of Caring while keeping within the theme of "Giving Hope."

They did a great job! Our amazing group of volunteers rallied together to create a really moving video. Considering most of the volunteers had no previous experience with Good News Garage, I'm inspired by their creativity and amazing grasp of what GNG is, how we inspire hope and change lives. The video has been uploaded to YouTube.....Check out the video!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hal Colston featured on the Car Doctor program

Tune in to 950 am WROL on Saturday, September 27th at 9:00 am to hear John Paul, the "Car Doctor," interview Good News Garage visionary, Hal Colston, live on his program. With the assistance of Lutheran Social Services, Hal started Good News Garage over 12 years ago in Burlington, Vermont. Because of his innovative idea, thousands of families have received donated vehicles in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut. Good News Garage also became the model for other similar car donation programs throughout the United States. For more information on John Paul and his Car Doctor program, check out his web site at:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Good News Garage Expands Car Donation Program in MA to include Cape Cod

Click here to donate your car online.

Good News Garage, in partnership with the Homeless Prevention Council (HPC), is starting a car donation program on the Cape. Like all other Good News Garage programs our goal on the Cape is to repair as many donated cars, trucks and vans as possible and provide them to working low-income individuals.

The Homeless Prevention Council formerly the Interfaith Council for the Homeless. serves low-income families on the Lower Cape. If you are interested in volunteering or applying for a car, on the Lower Cape, call Skip Johnson at 508-255-9667.

To donate a car, truck or van call, toll-free, 1-877-448-3288 or submit your car donation online , right now.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

In Vermont, we don't care how old your car donation is!

Once upon a time Good News Garage accepted only young and sprightly cars, but today our charitable organization will take nearly anything with wheels. The unfortunate thing about the hyper-successful campaign to inform the public that we only took cars from the current decade, was that it's no longer true. The truth is that there are so many odd and wonderful donatible objects with wheels, that we would love to have!

Do you have an airplane taking up valuable real-estate where you would rather have an in ground pool? Or do you have a riding lawn mower drives slower than the grass grows? Or maybe the only water your boat has seen lately is from this summer's rain storms.

So, like one of the staff members said today, please get that old jingle out of your head, and donate all your wheel powered possessions (no matter which President was in office when it was manufactured) to a very worthy cause. When we say boats, I am especially reaching out to those Cape Cod residents who are now able to donate to our organization for the first time! Look out for our new radio spot in your area, and if we're lucky, we'll soon have our new jingle stuck in your head.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Good News Garage on Fox 25 News TOMORROW

Good News Garage-LSS, Inc. will be featured on the 10:00 pm broadcast of Fox 25 News-Boston tomorrow night, August 26, 2008. The segment highlights the story of two single mothers from Lowell, Massachusetts who met through work. The women talk candidly about the challenges of raising children alone and trying to work without reliable transportation. Both women eventually received donated vehicles (a van and an suv) from Good News Garage and their lives were changed. Fox 25 News also visited the Good News Garage New Hampshire offices and interviewed Trudy Sutherland, who donated TWO program cars in one year and our acting Executive Director, David Rembis. Fox 25 concluded their filming by visitng a local Manchester garage and interviewed the owner who has supported Good News Garage NH for over 5 years. Good News Garage is proud of this recognition and we hope this publicity will increase car, van and truck donations allowing us to help additional needy New England families.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good News Garage Article in the Union Leader

If you are a Union Leader reader, check out the "Wheels" section of tomorrow's paper (August 22nd) which is featuring a story on Good News Garage. The article which was written by staff reporter, Bob Charest, highlights the many benefits of donating vehicles to Good News Garage. A former Good News Garage client, Amy, also shares her personal story and talks about how challenging it is to live, work and raise a family in New Hampshire without reliable transportation.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good News Garage opens search for new CEO

Good News Garage is searching for a new CEO. I beleive this person can be based out of Vermont.

Job Description:

Essential responsibilities include: providing leadership to the management team, hiring, supervising, disciplining and setting performance goals, developing new markets and sources of cars, negotiating with state and local government agencies, developing new funding sources, developing relationships with other low-income car ownership (LICO) programs to gain national exposure, share "best practices," advocate public policies in the interests of GNG and our clients and increase public knowledge about the industry. Serves as a primary face and representative of GNG in public relations to national organizations and foundations.

Additional Qualifications:

MBA or MPA or related preferred, plus 7-10 years of management experience in human service or related field with significant experience in sales or marketing, public relations, vehicle operations or governmental and grant issues. Extensive travel throughout New England required

Salary range: $80,000 - $100,000

How to Apply:

Send resume and salary requirements to

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

United Way's RSVP Volunteers

Pictured here is Nancy, Peg and Kathy

Nancy Reynolds from RSVP and Kathy Mackin from the United Way Volunteer Center stopped in for a tour and visit with long-time RSVP volunteer, Peg Batchelder.

I have worked closely with Nancy for about three years. Honestly you could not find a greater partner when you are in need of volunteers here in Burlington. This was the first time meeting Kathy. She seems great too. Here is the email she sent me after her visit.

"Hi Carmen, Visiting Good News Garage was a terrific experience! To see one of our RSVP volunteer making such a difference was great too! Thank you to Good News Garage for supporting the RSVP program of the United Way of Chittenden County Volunteer Center."

The United Way's RSVP program has personalized placement service for people 55 and over who wish to volunteer and make an impact on in their community. Good News Garage has four other RSVP volunteers: Bill Kelly, John Simson, Donna and Bruce Cunningham They all have help raise awareness around the need for donated cars in rural Vermont.

If you would like to volunteer and are over 55 visit their website. Click on Volunteer Now and then Click on Volunteer Opportunities Adults 55 and over.

Carmen George

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good News Garage Executive Director on New Hampshire Today show

Tune in Wednesday, August 6th to the "New Hampshire Today" show on WTPL 107.7 fm from 3:00 - 5:00 pm to hear the Good News Garage interim Executive Director, David Rembis, on the air with Jack Heath. David will be sharing his thoughts on Good News Garage and our mission to help needy New England families through our car donation program. David will also be discussing Lutheran Social Services of New England.

Fox 25 News Boston Filming Story on Good News Garage MA

Last week, Sarah, Senior Special Projects Producer from Fox 25 News Boston, called to say they were hoping to produce a story on Good News Garage Massachusetts! Tomorrow morning, I will be heading to Lowell, MA where I will be meeting Sarah, her cameraman and two Good News Garage clients who each received a donated vehicle from Good News Garage! These women who are both mothers, co-workers and friends have shared a lot together including carpooling back and forth to work and day care. Good News Garage is grateful to Fox 25 News Boston for recognizing the work that we do accepting, repairing and awarding donated vehicles to needy New England families. No date has been set for airing the Good News Garage story, but stay-tuned...more details will follow!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vermont Campaign To End Childhood Hunger Visits

Maisie Howard from The Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger visited Good News Garage. We are looking at ways to partner since our missions are similar, both organizations are expanding access to basic needs for low-income Vermonters so they can lead healthy and productive lives. As food and fuel prices continue to rise, it’s more important than ever that Vermont families know about all the services available to them.

Maisie explained to me that The Vermont Campaign to End Childhood Hunger has 5 different programs it manages to address hunger issues. One is to increase awareness about food stamps. They even have a site that helps people calculate eligiblity. If you need help with fuel assistance they have information about that too. I am impress with all that The Vermont Campaign To End Childhood Hunger does.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Robert and Sharon Ross from Woodbury, Vermont, donated a car today. I thanked them and asked how they came to the decision to donate. "We were inspired by the ad we saw on WCAX." Sharon said "We wanted to help a struggling working family have a dependable car."
Most people don't know this but that ad that Sharon is speaking about was one of the many public service announcements WCAX runs for Good News Garage every year for free. It has made a HUGE difference for GNG. There are dozens of families around Vermont who would not have transportation if we didn't have WCAX's generous support. Thanks WCAX!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bedford NH Historical Society Antique & Classic Car/Truck Show and Rally THIS Weekend

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Check out the Bedford, NH Historical Society Antique and Classic Car/Truck Show and Rally ( This family friendly event take place at the Bedford Village Shoppes on Saturday, July 19th (rain date July 20th). The fun begins with a rally at 9:30 followed by the car show at 11:30. Food and beverages will be provided by the Bedford Men's Club and Good News Garage NH will be on hand with free candy, sports bottles and kid activities. We hope to see you there!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kathy Shand Honored by the White House

I received a called from the White House today! Yes, it is true THE White House. They called to let us know that Good News Garage's Office Manager, Kathy Shand, is being honored by Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Office in their book of inspiring people.

Eleven years ago Kathy recieved a donated car from Good News Garage. She also applied for a job and was hired here. When she started she was a single mom of four children getting by on public assistance. Since then she has been promoted and is now raising three of her grandchildren with her new husband. Kathy has dedicated much of her life to Good News Garage's car donation program. She understands, more than anyone, what a difference a car can make. The staff at GNG are happy to see her inspiring story and dedictation to Good News Garage acknowledged.

Congratulations Kathy!

Email Kathy at

Monday, June 30, 2008

Good News Garage Dollar Bill

I just returned from a week's vacation in Destin, Florida and ate dinner one evening at McGuire's Irish Pub. We had a great meal on the deck and I posted a Good News Garage dollar bill on the wall. If you happen to visit Destin, Florida, and eat at McGuire's, see if you can locate our Donate a Car...Change a Life dollar bill!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cars for a Cause Event benefits Good News Garage NH

Mark Your Calendars!

Hillcrest Terrace Retirement Community

located at 200 Alliance Way, Manchester, NH

is sponsoring a Classic Car Show to benefit

Good News Garage NH!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

(rain date: September 21st)

10:00am - 2:00 pm

Cost: FREE - donations appreciated

Registration deadline: September 12th (space is limited)

Contact info: Johanne at 603-836-2247

Join us for a wonderful event that will benefit Good News Garage!

Friday, June 13, 2008

GNG Featured in "Lights"

The next time you're traveling along Second Street in Manchester, NH check out the Good News Garage logo and donation information posted on the 2nd Street Car Wash digital sign! We are grateful for the support and publicity from this wonderful, local business.

Volunteers wanted in Vermont

Good News Garage Vermont is looking for volunteers to put up posters, help with marketing, work with a team to convert a gas-powered car to an electric-powered one, hold a small fundraiser and be an ambassador at events.

Our office is located in Burlington, Vermont at 331 North Winooski Avenue but we can work with anyone in the state that is willing to lend a hand.

If you want to help, call me today. 864-3667 extension 13, Carmen George

VT Get-Away Prize Award Winner Announced!

CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Walker of Hillsboro, NH (pictured in front on left) for winning the Vermont Get-Away package awarded this week on The River, 92.5. Joe and a guest will be enjoying a two night stay at the Inn at Manchester, dinner for two at Ye Olde Tavern and two weekend passes to the 2008 Manchester Antique and Classic Car Show which benefits Good News Garage.

Joe Walker and his students

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gaye Symington Visits Good News Garage VT

Pictured above, mechanic, Rick Berg, candidate, Gaye Symington, mechanics, Mike Blair and Derek Joyce at Good News Garage in Burlington, Vermont

Speaker of the House, Gaye Symington, toured Good News Garage today. She spent time listening to Good News Garage staff talk about our transportation programs and the needs we are seeing.

Symington visited Bike Recycle, Pictured here are BRV staffer, Wilson Skinner, a BRV volunteer and other BRV staff, Mark Rowell.

Bike Recycle Vermont is a program of Local Motion and is located in the basement of Good News Garage, Vermont. BRV repairs donated bikes and provides them for $10 to people with little or no income.

Listen to The River and Win a Weekend in Vermont

The River (92.5 in NH) wants to send you to beautiful Manchester, Vermont to attend the 22nd annual Manchester Antique & Classic Car show June 14th & 15th , courtesy of Good News Garage where the donation of a used car, helps change lives. We’ll be giving away $1500 vacation package for two people that includes a two night stay at the Inn at Manchester June 13th & 14th , dinner for two at Ye Olde Tavern June 13th, weekend passes to the car show, tickets to a special VIP cocktail reception Saturday night at Orvis, a Manchester & The Mountains gift bag & much more…for more information on Good News Garage & the Manchester Antique & Classic Car show visit Good News Garage dot org. And to register for this spectacular Vermont Vacation getaway, just e-mail, for your chance to win.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Your car donation is making a difference!

Every week we see moms, like Stephania from Rutland, come in to Good News Garage to pick up a car, truck or van. I wish everyone who donates could be here when the recipients pick up the car. These vehicles are badly needed by working low-income Vermont families.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Father's Day Weekend - Manchester Antique and Classic Car Show

Looking for a great Father's Day weekend activity? Take your dad to the Manchester Car Show, June 14th and 15th at Dorr Farm, Manchester Center in Vermont. It's fun and affordable.

A percentage of the proceeds from the show will go to Good News Garage. Also the MG, Hemmings Motor News is refurbishing as a Good News Garage fundraiser, will be there.

Listen to The Point, WDEV and The River for a chance to win tickets.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If you missed Hal on the Today Show

I posted the video of Hal on the Today Show on our media page.
NBC did such a nice job on the peice. Tikki and Alicia were wonderful to work with.

Manchester Car Show June 14 & 15 (2008)

If you are looking for something fun to do with your dad or husband on Father's Day, look no further then the Manchester Antique and Classic Car Show, (June 14 & 15, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM) There is lots to do for the whole family! Kids get in for free. The show is in a new location this year, Dorr Farm in Manchester Vermont. You not only will feel good about treating dad well but you will be helping raise money for Good News Garage. A percentage of the proceeds from the weekend will go to GNG.

If you want more details, visit manchester car show's website.

Hemmings Motor News is refurbishing an MG that was donated to Good News Garage. They are going to have the car at the show so if you have been following its restoration in the pages of their magazine you might want to come and check it out.

I will be there on Saturday, stop by the booth and say "hello!". If you mention this blog I will give you a free gift.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hal will be on the Today Show tomorrow!

(Pictured above) Former NFL star and Today Show host, Tiki Barber, (NBC Producer) Alicia Ybarbo and (Good News Garage/Neighborkeepers founder) Hal Colston.

The Today Show announced they will be airing the story about Hal Colston. It is suppose to come on at 8:51 AM.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Welcome Brianna!

Brianna with a donated Volkswagon Jetta

Brianna Kinsman has joined our volunteer team. She is a recent graduate of Essex High School who LOVES cars. She is going to be helping Gary Eley and Gary Flo convert a gas-powered Saturn in to an electic car. She will also be cleaning out donated cars and vans that go to families. Her favorite car is a Volkswagon Jetta

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Farewell to Bruce Erwin

I arrived back from my vacation to discover Bruce Erwin, Good News Garage's President, has accepted a great job with another organization. Bruce has been with Good News Garage for three years and has done a great job. He will be greatly missed by everyone on staff. Make sure to email him your kind words and thanks before he leaves May 1, 2008.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Today Show Visits Good News Garage Vermont

Tikki Barber, Alicia Ybarbo and Hal Colston

Tikki Barber, former NFL star, was sent to Good News Garage to interview our founder Hal Colston for the Today Show. Tikki is a genuinely warm-nice-upbeat person.

Alicia Ybarbo (NBC Producer) kept the day moving and everyone smiling, even after 5 hours of shooting.
The show will air in April. I will post once I know the date.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lions Club Learns About Good News Garage

On Thursday I presented information to the Lion's Club. They asked many great questions. I ended up learning a lot about them. They are a great group. To learn more about them visit

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Donate a Car in Vermont - We have two locations where you can bring your car donation.

Good News Garage will take ANY car, truck of van donated to us in Vermont. You can bring your car to donate, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to Good News Garage at 331 North Winooski Avenue in Burlington, Vermont. All auto donations are tax deductible. Submit your car donation online anytime.

If you live in Southern or Central Vermont and want to donate a car, truck or van, you should know about every Wednesday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM is a drop off day at Bruno's Truck Repair located at 261 Randbury Road Rutland, Vermont. Go on route 7 and the turn in next to the Subaru Dealership. Bruno's is located at the near the end of Randbury Road on the left. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR CAR'S TITLE.

Please call Peter, Donated Vehicle Processor, he can tell you all the details. Our toll-free number is 877-448-GIVE-AUTO/877-448-3288.

Good News Garage also have programs in NH, MA, CT and RI. You may call the same toll-free number to donate a car to them.

Donate a car....Change a life!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hal Colston's Message About Poverty

All the media is great lately but I hope that the buzz about Hal doesn't overshadow his message.

Neighborkeepers, Hal's other non-profit, is working at "breaking the bonds of poverty". Poverty is OUR problem not just the individuals and their family.

If you are interested in participating in Hal's effort, Neighborkeepers has community dinners each week. Two of the weekly dinners are on Thursdays and two are on Saturdays at the Baptist church in Burlington. Visit Neighborkeepers' website for more details or to make a financial donation to support Hal's work.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Community Action Motor in Barre Closes

Community Action Motor announced last week that they are closing their doors. Community Action Motor was modeled after Good News Garage and has been in operation for many years. This is a great loss for low-income families in the Barre/Montpeiler area that they served.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hal Colston on Positively Vermont

Dennis Mahoney interveiwed Hal Colston on Positively Vermont. I have been with Good News Garage for over three years and I learned some new things about Good News Garage's history. It is worth watching.

Program Manager Live on The Pulse

Tune in Wednesday, February 20th at 8:12 am to 107.7 FM The Pulse to hear Bob Buckley, NH/MA Good News Garage Program Manager, on the air with DJ Peter St.James. Bob will be discussing the Good News Garage car donation process. Joining Bob will be Trudy Sutherland, a Concord, NH resident, who along with her husband donated two program cars in 2007. This should be a lively, informative discussion, so if you're near a radio or on the road, be sure to tune in!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hal Colston profiled in People Magazine!

Hal Colston, Good News Garage's founder, will be profiled in People Magazine.
People Magazine hired a writer from the Burlington Free Press, Shari Levine, to write the story. They sent a photographer from New York City here in January. The photo shoot was in our garage. I am looking forward to seeing which picture they end up using.

It is very exciting to see Hal and his work recognized, it is long over due.

Corm & The Coach Radio Show talks with Good News Garage

Wednesday, January 23rd at 8:20 AM, Champ's Corm & The Coach show with discuss Good News Garage and the need for affordable transportation in Vermont. You may listen on line by clicking the link in the top right-hand corner of WCPV's web page or tune in your radio to 101.3 FM to listen.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We are looking for more good volunteers.

We have lots of volunteers. They do a wide-range of things for us like put up posters, host fundraisers, help with graphics, research information, table booths at events and clean donated vehicles. We would love your help, please give us a call if you want to volunteer. 1-877-448-3288

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Supports GNG

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is continuing its partnership with Good News Garage. Last year Ben & Jerry provided Good News Garage with gift certificates to give to people who sign up for our e-newsletter. They agreed to continue this program again this year. The e-newsletter is a great way for you to know about all the good things Good News Garage is doing in your state.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Visit our Upcoming Booth at the Women's Expo in NH

Looking for something fun to do in February in New Hampshire? Then don't miss the WZID Women's Expo on Saturday, February 16th from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. This exciting event takes place at the Radisson Hotel located at 700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH. Good News Garage NHis sponsoring a booth, so be sure to stop by, say "hello" and find out how you can support Good News Garage and our car donation program that changes lives. We will be handing out some awsome goodies and offering a raffle for a gas cash card too. I hope to see you there!

Manchester, Vermont, Antique and Classic Car Show Will Benefit GNG VT

The Manchester Chamber is producing the Manchester Antique and Classic Car Show this year. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Good News Garage. The event will take place June 14th and 15th this year. Learn more online at

Saturday, January 12, 2008

VPR Airs Show on Circles of Support

Vermont Public Radio will be airing a show on one of the programs our founder, Hal Colston, is involved in called Circles of Support. The show will air Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. To learn more about Circles of Support click on the About Us page on our website and go to the bottom of the page. There is a video about Circles of Support and Neighborkeepers.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Neighborkeepers Needs 30 Volunteers

I spoke with Hal Colston, GNG's founder today. The new organization, Neighborkeepers which he is the founder and Executive Director of, is looking for 30 volunteers to be allies in the Circles of Support program. This new organization is focused on helping people in poverty transition out of it by creating a support network. I have attend some of the dinners that they put on and have gained insight in to my own life and been moved by people I have met. I highly recommend getting involved. If you want to learn more email Hal at

A Great NH Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon was an uplifting day. I had to be in Concord, so I spent a couple of hours enjoying the warm (at least relatively so for NH) temperatures and posting some Good News Garage car donation signs in Main Street shops. While purchasing a few items at a popular health-food market, I inquired if I could post a sign on their community bulletin board. Upon hearing my request, the sales associate exclaimed, "Your organization is wonderful! My sister received a car from Good News Garage a couple of months ago and it has changed her life!" This made my day. Providing transportation to disadvantaged clients and empowering them is what we do. As the Good News Garage Marketing Manager for NH and MA I am working to cover both states with our "Donate a Car...Change a Life!" tear-off posters, but the task is daunting. If you can help distribute posters in your community, I would appreciate the help. You can contact me, Susan Swain, at 669-6937 or at

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Good News Garage Loves Its Volunteers!

Naomi has been volunteering for a couple months for us. She is fabulous! I asked her to put together our "We Love Our Volunteers" party which will be on February 14th! If you are a volunteer of Good News Garage, save the date! It will be a noon lunch gathering.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Former Good News Garage Client Hired in NH

Shawnna Barry, a New Hampshire native, returned to her home state in 2004 after living in Florida for over 10 years. After surviving two major hurricanes, she decided that she would give NH a second chance. Shawnna's job transferred from Florida and she happily returned with her family to start over. Once here however, Shawnna began to experience a series of employment struggles beginning with major car problems that she could not afford. Shawnna was forced to leave her job and began working for a temp agency which was located close to home. Unfortunately, this job was impractical since she was employed in the afternoon and evening hours and Shawnna has young children. Shawnna perservered and enrolled in an accounting program at a local college and began receiving state assistance for her family. Through NH Employment, Shawnna began volunteering for Good News Garage NH in January 2006 and received her donated, "family friendly", van from Good News Garage in December of the same year. As an employee, Shawnna proved herself to be hard-working, professional and an excellent addition to the staff. Shawnna was officially hired by Good News Garage as a part-time employee in November 2007 assisting with office work. She has had her Good News Garage van for over a year and loves it! Shawnna's success story is a great example of how Good News Garage empowers by awarding donated cars, vans and trucks. Donate a Car...Change a Life!- it really is true.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January, Rutland Car Donation Drop-off Day

The Rutland Car Donation Drop-off Day is coming up on Saturday, January 19, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM. I will be at Bruno's Truck Repair located at Ranbury Road in Rutland. (Bruno's is located almost at the end of Ranbury Road on the left.) All car, truck and van donations are accepted and are tax deductible. You do not have to call ahead, just come down with your title.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Car Donors Change Lives in VT

Thank you to all the wonderful people who donate cars. It is truily inspiring to see the process of people sharing their good fortune with people who really need a hand.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Green Car Project

The Green Car group met today. The Saturn has been gutted and is ready to be converted. It will be towed to Gary Eley's garage today.

Here is the car with out its engine.

CVPS is donating an electric truck which we will restore and sell as a fundraiser for our green efforts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good News Garage Wants Your Post

Welcome to Good News Garage's blog. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Our goal is to make it easy to donate and help others struggling with transportation in our community.