Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Northeast Real Estate Conference & Expo

I am at the Northeast Real Estate Conference today. The event is in the Sheraton Hotel of South Burlington. We are here to talk to realtors about Good News Garage (GNG). We are making sure they know GNG accepts any donated car, truck or van in Vermont.

There are two great Good News Garage volunteers with me, John Simson and Kathy Ploof. Later Bill Kelley will be at the table. We will be here tomorrow too. Volunteers Jill Mason, Wendy Steager and Craig Berthuaime will be providing information about our car donation program at our booth.

If you are attending, stop by and pick up a free Good News Garage keychain. If you aren't coming to the event and you would like a free keychain, stop by the Good News Garage office at 331 North Winooski Avenue.