Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kathy Shand Honored by the White House

I received a called from the White House today! Yes, it is true THE White House. They called to let us know that Good News Garage's Office Manager, Kathy Shand, is being honored by Bush's Faith-Based Initiative Office in their book of inspiring people.

Eleven years ago Kathy recieved a donated car from Good News Garage. She also applied for a job and was hired here. When she started she was a single mom of four children getting by on public assistance. Since then she has been promoted and is now raising three of her grandchildren with her new husband. Kathy has dedicated much of her life to Good News Garage's car donation program. She understands, more than anyone, what a difference a car can make. The staff at GNG are happy to see her inspiring story and dedictation to Good News Garage acknowledged.

Congratulations Kathy!

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