Monday, September 15, 2008

Good News Garage Volunteers Truly are the Greatest!

Good News Garage volunteers never cease to amaze me. Their generosity and giving spirit is so very inspiring. GNG-CT hosted 15 volunteers as part of the 2008 Day of Caring. What a great group of volunteers! In one day they managed to create - not one - but two quilts that will travel to various community and church events as a marketing and public relations tool. The quilts have photos and quotes from clients and as more cars are provided to clients, the squares will continue to be signed. The quilts are beautiful!

As if the quilts were not enough, this motivated group tackled a third project. The volunteers managed to create a 3 minute video that I must say is quite impressive! The video was part of a video challenge issued by United Way to capture the events of Day of Caring while keeping within the theme of "Giving Hope."

They did a great job! Our amazing group of volunteers rallied together to create a really moving video. Considering most of the volunteers had no previous experience with Good News Garage, I'm inspired by their creativity and amazing grasp of what GNG is, how we inspire hope and change lives. The video has been uploaded to YouTube.....Check out the video!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job volunteers of CT!