Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Donate a Car to Good News Garage NH & Help a Needy NH Neighbor

When you donate a car to Good News Garage NH/MA, Good News Garage VT or Good News Garage CT, you are giving a gift that keeps on giving. The mission of Good News Garage is to create economic opportunity by providing affordable and reliable transportation options for people in need. Since 1996, Good News Garage has awarded over 3,500 donated vehicles to needy, New England families changing lives.

According to a data brief prepared by the NH Women's Policy Institute in April 2008 entitled, Transportation as a barrier to economic independence: Can she make it without a car? states, "90% of New Hampshire's workers commute to work in a private car; less than 1% use public transportation...with limited bus service and difficulties coordinating child car drop-off and pick-up times, the challenge of finding a job and getting to work without a car can be insurmountable." Good News Garage is working to change this reality one person and one car at a time!
All cars donated to Good News Garage qualify for a tax deduction and cars that are awarded to clients qualify for a deduction equal to Fair Market Value of the donated car.
When you donate a car to Good News Garage New Hampshire, you are:
* helping to provide transportation to a local, needy family which enables the client to take advantage of employment opportunities and care for their children (according to a study completed in 2006: 49% of Good News Garage clients reported being off public assitance within a year of receiving their donated car and 48% of the clients furthered their education after receiving their Good News Garage donated car).
* benefitting from a tax deduction
* helping the economy since Good News Garage NH partners with local garages creating employment opportunities in New Hampshire
As I write this today, it is two days before Thanskgiving and I have driven in the pouring rain to the grocery store, to the doctor for my son's annual check-up and to my Good News Garage NH office and I must confess that I have been annoyed by the wet conditions. But, I must also reflect on how impossible these tasks would have been for me today if I did not own a vehicle to accomplish these simple, every day tasks. Before I came to work for Good News Garage New Hampshire, I donated my van to the organization and I hope if you are able that you will do the same or tell someone else about Good News Garage and how our donated cars, vans and trucks help local, New England families.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful and safe Thanskgiving holiday. And please remember:
Good News Garage: Donate a car...Change a life!

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