Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Former Good News Garage Client Hired in NH

Shawnna Barry, a New Hampshire native, returned to her home state in 2004 after living in Florida for over 10 years. After surviving two major hurricanes, she decided that she would give NH a second chance. Shawnna's job transferred from Florida and she happily returned with her family to start over. Once here however, Shawnna began to experience a series of employment struggles beginning with major car problems that she could not afford. Shawnna was forced to leave her job and began working for a temp agency which was located close to home. Unfortunately, this job was impractical since she was employed in the afternoon and evening hours and Shawnna has young children. Shawnna perservered and enrolled in an accounting program at a local college and began receiving state assistance for her family. Through NH Employment, Shawnna began volunteering for Good News Garage NH in January 2006 and received her donated, "family friendly", van from Good News Garage in December of the same year. As an employee, Shawnna proved herself to be hard-working, professional and an excellent addition to the staff. Shawnna was officially hired by Good News Garage as a part-time employee in November 2007 assisting with office work. She has had her Good News Garage van for over a year and loves it! Shawnna's success story is a great example of how Good News Garage empowers by awarding donated cars, vans and trucks. Donate a Car...Change a Life!- it really is true.

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